Melinda Williams

      What began as a powerful childhood gift led Spiritual Rescue Medium Melinda Williams through a series of painful journeys than on an enlightening road of discoveries to face her greatest calling: to work as a professional Medium who guides people from every walk of life to helping businesses succeed, and to assist earthbound spirits to cross over. From a young age, Melinda realized that she wasn’t like everyone else. While other children were playing with toys, Melinda was experiencing strange sensations which she now realizes were interactions with greater powers, so much bigger and stronger than herself. The hardships she overcame throughout her teenage years, realizing more and more that she had s very special gift, given to her by the Creator, and that she couldn’t ignore. Renown Spiritual Rescue Medium, Melinda

Williams connects the two worlds of the physical world and the spirit world for over 40 years. She helps earthbound spirits to cross over due to many reasons: tragic, unexpected deaths. Melinda has a following and she is a medium that helps cross over earthbound spirits and help connect spirits to their loved ones for closure. She has starred in a movie titled, “Carolina’s Calling.” She also assists families and law enforcement on cold cases and missing cases. When she came to terms with her abilities, she decided to utilize them to help others. Currently, Melinda lives in the majestic mountains in Arizona, with her husband and two adult children, plus her cat Feather. Melinda is a Spiritual Rescue Medium and owns several businesses, Enchanted Psychic Visions, LLC, Enchanted Visions Paranormal and Spirits Unearthed Paranormal, a published author, and she is also a model/actress with A-List Models and Talent.










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