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Greg Bakun

MN GhostBox
Greg Bakun (Bahk-in) is Lead Investigator and founder of MN GhostBox, a paranormal team based out of Minneapolis MN. Greg is an ITC specialist with his favorite method of communicating with spirits is through the spirit box also known as the ghost box. He has been very fortunate to get a lot of good evidence using this device. Some of this evidence is available on the team’s web site and also their web series located on YouTube.In addition to investigating cool and active locations, Greg is the host on the popular radio show “GhostBox Radio”

broadcasting on the KCOR Digital Radio Network and can be found on Tune-in or On GhostBox Radio Greg interviews guests about the paranormal, UFOs, Bigfoot and more. Greg is the Executive Producer of the Paranormal Web Series, “MN GhostBox” which takes him and Intuitive Healer Nicole Haapala to haunted locations for interviews and investigations featuring amazing evidence taken at the locations using many devices including the spirit box. Four episodes are available to watch on YouTube with other episodes to follow this year in locations in historic Minneapolis, Iowa and Kentucky.



Twitter: @mnghostbox


Check out our web series at:

Web series episodes:
Soap Factory 1:
Soap Factory 2:
Palmer House 1:
Palmer House 2:

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