Chelsea Damali

     Chelsea Damali is a natural born clairvoyant, clairsentient, empath and remote viewer, as well as a medium.  She has worked extensively in the paranormal community both inside Utah and Nationwide, offering her in-depth knowledge of the paranormal, the other side, and the transition itself, in the process of leading investigators to hotspots for evidence.  She’s been known to blow the dust off of old cases and mysteries that have gone unsolved as well.  Her experience in the paranormal field for 20 years is only shadowed by the private clientele she has been developing since age 16.  

     Today she works not only as a reader and intuitive coach for private clients and businesses, but also as an educator, author, speaker, and is proud of the success accomplished as a TV personality on Haunted Encounters, all of season one, on the Bio Channel.   Radio appearances both live and podcast are too numerous to count, but she has hosted her own radio shows as well

on as well as Para-X Radio.  Her shows include ShadowWalkers Radio, and DamaliVisions Radio, as well as co-hosting several episodes of Beyond the Line radio.  Her interviews have allowed her to interact directly with everything from a Mayan Priestess, to NASA directly, to the likes of Ben Hansen and the Christopher Booth.   She works directly with Guardians of the Sword, which include some of the largest experts in the field of paranormal, collectively as a network to help those in need.

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