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Donald Molnar MD

  Donald Molnar MD is an internal medicine physician by day and a paranormal investigator by night. Don is the founder of the Haunted M.D. project which allows him to combine his passion of ghost investigating with being a practicing physician.  Since 2001 Don has been out of training working as a doctor for various health systems including, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio and the University of Virginia Health system in Charlottesville. He was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio before doing his undergraduate and medical training in the Akron, Ohio area. He worked in Wooster, Ohio after finishing training and moved to Charlottesville in 2009. Don notes having paranormal and ghostly experiences all his life and he finally joined Twisted Paranormal

Society (TPS) out of Fishersville, Virginia in 2012 to be able to investigate these curious experiences.  As a part of TPS he has investigated many locations private and public. Some notable investigations include Hill View Manor, Fort Mifflin, St Albans, The Exchange Hotel, Dunnlora Inn and the USS North Carolina. Don can be seen in several of the episodes of the Twisted Realm which is a video production of the investigations of TPS which has been aired on PBS Virginia and now is seen on VIDI space and Amazon prime. In May 2018 Don started Haunted M.D. and in March 2019 he decided to focus on it, stepping away from TPS/The Twisted Realm. The goals of Haunted M.D. include doing lectures for conventions, conferences or any group of interested folks; conducting investigations; and helping other teams or individuals with investigations. He approaches investigations using the same methods he uses to evaluate patients, paying close attention to details. He feels it is important to get the chief complaint, history of the present haunting, past paranormal history, past investigation history, history of any previous attempts to cleanse a location  or to treat the haunting, medical and psychologic history of the people involved at the location, drug and alcohol history at the location. After gathering this data, he then conducts his exam or investigation of the location looking for normal and paranormal causes of possible ghostly activity. Next, he reviews the data collected to formulate a final assessment and potential treatment plan for the location. Don provides a written report to the client(s). Besides investigations and lectures, he posts a wide variety of interesting items on the Haunted M.D. FB page and on Don Molnar Haunted MD YouTube page. The posts include thought provoking paranormal concepts along with educational videos and intriguing pieces of evidence. Go check out Haunted M.D. on FB and give him a like and Don Molnar Haunted MD on YouTube and subscribe to his page! 

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