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About Us


Jenn McGowan

Founder & CEO of Wayward Souls Promotions and International Model 

     Jenn McGowan has a deep love for both the Paranormal and modeling. Modeling started out as a Hobby many years ago and progressed from there. The Paranormal has always been in her heart. From a young age, she's always felt there was something more. For the Past 15 years, Jenn has been involved in alternative/horror/dramatic style modeling and featured in a number of publications including billboards and print work through the Horror and Haunt industry. 

Jenn has been featured on Multiple Book Covers including;


      Jenn has been involved in the Paranormal for 14 years. She started out as an Independent researcher and later joined a small group helping them film YouTube blogs.

Jenn has made appearances in many paranormal shows on Amazon Prime such as The Paranormal Journey, Into the Unknown and America's most Haunted 2011 Along with working with those who are well know in setting up TV Shows.

     Jenn has appeared on America’s Most Haunted (The Discovery Channel 2008-2009) and many other Travel Channel Documentaries 2011-2012 Also has worked with the likeliness of From Dusk till Dawn Star Danny Trejo.

She is now the Founder and CEO of Wayward Souls Promotions established 2017. 

     She has had the pleasure of traveling around the USA for events and investigating around the United States.

Jenn is a big supporter of those in need or less fortunate. In her personal life and through her modeling and investigating, she has had the privilege to support many great causes such as The Boys and Girls Club of America, The Wounded Warrior Foundation, Primary Children’s Hospital, Paranormal Kicks Cancer, Cuddles for Cancer, and many more.


Rich Valdes

Co-Founder of Wayward Souls Promotios

Co-Founder Paranormal Consulting Agency

Paranormal Consulting Agency is a team that has been established since 2005. It’s lead investigator Rich Valdes and team has been mentioned in books like “Ghost Hunters of the South” and “State by State” under the state Louisiana.
Rich Valdes is also Co-Director for Bishop James Long’s team the Paranormal Clergy and one of three Demonologists recognized by the United States Old Catholic Church, his team also represents the Paranormal Clergy for the State of Florida.
Rich Valdes is also a proud member of John Zaffis’s team PRSNE and his team is the only team to represent PRSNE for the whole State of Florida.

Rich is also host of the popular radio show “Greetings from Beyond Radio” and his team has been featured in the popular Cable TV show “A Haunting” for season nine “Buried Secrets”


Greetings from Beyond Radio

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